It is our third project to revitalize the street scene and expressing its passion through T-shirt designs. Presenting Pharrell Williams as an executive judge and supported by Billionaire Boys Club, the contest was a success receiving more than 600 artworks, which is a record compared to the past two contests. The masterpiece chosen as a Grand-Prix is this one! Designed by Kim Kähkönen: His artwork will be sold printed on T-shirts, starting from the BBC Tokyo store, in the beginning of next year! Congratulations!!

Pharrell Williams is holding the proudly awarded artwork. Starting from the BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB Tokyo store, the artwork is planned to cross borders to be sold in all Billionaire Boys Club stores worldwide.


It is an art full of Japanese heart. Pharrell comments: "It's cool that Billionaire Boys Club is written in Chinese characters! It's also unique that the astronaut is disguised as a Samurai."

A pop and humorous graphic is the trait of this artwork. Pharrell happily mentions; "a woman with her legs spread wide open is sexy. Not bad at all!"


A confident message; "never lose yourself even if everything (wealth) is in your hands." It also suits well with the outfit of suits and boots. A graphic that conveys a strong message.

An artwork conveyed in a Japanese personality. Pharrell also compliments on its Japanese taste "Japanese baths are the best! I also like how it's combined with the astronaut."

"Its colorful. I also like the robot's face and the pyramid above its head. It's crazy in a neat way!" A unique piece chosen from Thailand.

"There's a great taste in drawing a woman in the mirror. It expresses with an extraordinary atmosphere. It's fantastic!" An artwork with a Japanese comic or manga taste.

"A 30's retro graphic makes this artwork special. A woman swimming in the pool is also drawn in a brilliant touch." A profound graphic praised by Pharrell.

Pharrell comments on this artwork with flowers and the space added into the theme: "The flowers blooming from the B logo looks amazing! This is something I'd want to wear everyday."

An excellent work with the letters flourishing into a design! "I'm really into this 60's to 70's vibes, and the cursive logo. It's also nice how it's shaped to look like a heart."

"I like how the logo is composed in bright colors." The graphic of the logo in multiple colors caught our eyes out of the entire artworks!